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Never Before Released Information...these Asset Managers Assign Bank Owned Listings!



"Retiring REO agent leaks his List of 70 Asset Managers with active listings in the Whole Nation."  From Florida to California the foreclosure hot spots and everything in between.  

After a 37 year career in Real Estate, specializing in REO, it's his time to call it a day and pass on those contacts.  

From: RJ

Dear REO agent in making,

First, let me start by thanking you for taking the 2 minutes its going to take you to read this.  I, being a Real Estate professional, know how valuable your time is and how every minute counts.

You might ask yourself why is it that REO's are so difficult to get and how is it fair or possible that only a handful of agents in the market place have most if not all the listings. 

We'll let me tell you.  I was one of those agents who held most if not all the listings in my area.  I actually expanded my work area to several cities and created satellite offices where I could duplicate the system that was working so well for me locally.

And then it happened.

After  37 years, I'm in my mid sixties, I am retiring and one thing that I notice now, that I never noticed before is how difficult it is, in a market like this, to make a sale. 

If you're on the other side.

I always noticed agents in my area, good people, professional people, leave the business.  I always assumed that it was because they were just tired of the hustle and bustle of Real Estate.

It wasn't that!!!!!

It was the struggle of staying afloat with all the responsibilities one has.  The market pushed them out, the family and the expenses come first and the dreams come later.  Sadly sometimes not at all.


I realized I had something valuable.


One evening, my grandson was on the Internet and I asked him to help me with some information I needed to find.  He informed me of how you can find anything on the net.

I never really thought about this till that day.


I thought that getting REO business was simple as it came easily to me.  So I asked him to research possible ways of getting into the REO business.  I was surprised to find that all I could find were pages and pages of how to do bpo's and sites where you are charged monthly or yearly to have your information there with no guarantee of results. 

I also found that there was no good reliable information about the actual people I was in touch with, running my business.  Yes things have changed since I started the business, from big lenders now we deal with the asset management companies, but never did I think it was almost impossible to find contact information for these people.


I wanted to make a difference in other agent's lives.


So my grandson and I started this project of getting the information out.  You see, I know almost nothing about computer, I hired talent to do what I don’t know how to do.  I know people and real estate, not computers.  Therefore, my grandson has spearheaded this project and has done an outstanding job.


It's in your hand now!!!!!!!


I've been very fortunate in my Real Estate career and I've helped those closest to me but I now see how there are many more opportunities for me to help.

This information is my way of contributing.


I know that having these contacts will greatly increase the possibilities of those who truly desire to get into the REO business to secure listings.  These contacts will serve you for many years to come.  REO markets are temporary but good solid business relationships last a long time.  Why do you think those agents that you probably had never heard about suddenly have all the listings in the area?




For most its not the first time they handle REO's, they made and conserved business relationships with key people on the inside, as I did.  As you already know, agents who have REO contacts don’t leak their information.  EVER.

You're no longer in the dark, but you have to act now.


All you need is in this list.  This asset managers list has all the contacts you'll need to have more opportunities and capture bank listings.  You too can become a wealthy REO agent all you have to do is take action today!!! The opportunity is there, are you going to join this secret agency that REO agents seem to be part of?


Today is your day.


It's no coincidence that you came across this website. You are obviously seeking to make more money. You can turn around your business and start creating wealth. Take a chance on yourself you deserve another opportunity.


There's a lot of money to be made with REO's.  This market is here to stay for another 4 to 5 years.  Take advantage of it. 

How would 15 to 20 closings per months change your life?


I hope that you give yourself another opportunity to succeed. For me its now time to retire and pass on the torch to you.


Don't spend anymore time hoping that things are going to change.  Hope is not a plan, it's an accident.


Take action today and improve the quality of your life!!!  If you are not afraid to be successful, then you are at the right place, this precise moment. Make the change by making a small investment for you. The rewards will more than multiply.

The ball is on your court.

Good luck,


RJ Noel

Get a complimentary List of the
TOP 50 Asset Management companies.

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Attention Agent:

Stop buying lists of

REO Asset Management

 and get this list of


What you get:

1. 70 Reo Asset Managers  
Free updates to your list.  We automatically           email you when an updated list is published.
3. Sample Resume, Sample completed                         INTERIOR BPO and Sample Zip code list.
4. Instant PDF download, no waiting for the mail.

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What this program is:

1. A detailed list of Asset managers from top companies
  • Coldwell Banker / REO Experts
  • Integrated Asset Services - IAS
  • Bank of America
  • Chrisley AM
  • Phoenix AM
  • Carrington
  • National Default Services, LLC
  • Keystone
  • And many more
2. That includes Names, Phone numbers, Addresses & Emails.

3. These are some of people the top REO agent in your area are talking to.

70 Contacts in California, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado etc.

What this program is NOT:

1. A huge list of BPO companies that will pass you up for listings.

2. An instruction program on how to do bpo's for a living.



Reo agents in many areas across the country giving seminars to thousands of agents interested in getting into the REO business.  Selling the opportunity to mingle with asset managers and the top Reo agents.  Good luck talking to an asset manager.  Most of the ones talking to the asset managers are the guys with listings already.  It's a circus.  You'll be rubbing elbows alright.  

With another 1,000 agents with no Reo listings, all trying to get to the two asset managers that are there and the REO agents giving the speeches about how much business they have, what's their motivation, perhaps the admission fees?

Have you seen the price tag for those events?

Upwards of $300

To listen to them tell you they have more business than they can handle.  How they have a team to do everything.  What they don't tell you is that they are double ending many of the homes or just turning them over to their investor contacts.  Why do you think you can't get an offer accepted if your life depended on it.

Wait it DOES.

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You see, Reo agents have 90% of the listings on the market.  They represent about 2% of the agents in the market place.  That leaves you, the other 98% of Real Estate professionals out to dry. 


That’s a real estate fact, at this time.


And this market is here to stay for the next 4 to 5 years.  Can you afford to continue doing business the same way?  You might have the tools to take the REO listings but what you probably don’t have are the contacts to approach for the business.  Many of us agents have the experience and support system to do this work.

What we don’t have are the opportunities.


Make the opportunities happen!  They don’t come by mistake.



You either meet an asset manager at a convention or meeting for example REOMAC or the 5 Star Conference or you get this list.  You can attend the 5 Star Conference or the REOMAC convention for the hefty price of about $795  to $895 and you have absolutely no guarantees that you'll walk out of there with an asset managers contact information.  Not to mention lodging and travel costs.  You're looking at a $1,500 to $2,000 trip.


But I'll share this with you.

It's a Real Estate Circus.


You either compete with two thousand other agents trying to make an impression or you use this list to make a professional contact.  At the 5 Star Conferences they literally release you guys, like a heard, into a room with a handful of asset managers.    It's like dollar day at the local Goodwill.  Everyone running and tripping over each other to get to asset managers first.  Those of you who have been there know what I'm talking about.

That’s no way of making a professional impression with an Asset Manager.


For those who think that asset managers don’t like to be called, THINK AGAIN.  As busy as they are, they don't have the time to go out searching for you.  It's up to you to put yourself in their way.  Make contact and then make it easy for them to find you.


This list is how you do it.



And there is only one other place where I recommend, you be on line.  That's the Reonetwork site.  It doesn't cost you anything unlike many other sites that have popped up selling you on being on they're website for $300 dollars. 



In the program, I'll show you how to utilize the contacts to get approved with REOnetwork and my techniques on how to be found by the precise people you need to contact to get your foot in the door.

What you get:

1. 70 Reo Asset Managers  
Free updates to your list.  We automatically           email you when an updated list is published.
3. Sample Resume, Sample completed                         INTERIOR BPO and Sample Zip code list.
4. Instant PDF download, no waiting for the mail.

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You Do the Math!!

COST TO ATTEND $885 basic fee $875 non subscribers $149 all contact included
Lodging $475 $475 $0
Travel expense $297 $297 $0
Meals & Ent. $257 $257 $0
TOTAL COST $1,914 $1,904 New Price $49
What you get for sure Beef or Chicken Dinner Breakfast No Dinner
Asset Managers available 10 for every thousand 10 for every thousand 70 to contact
Phone numbers? ? ? YES
Emails? ? ? YES
Address ? ? YES
POTENTIAL ? ? One contact can make you up to
$100,000 a year.

With a 15 Day
100% Money Back Guarantee
you have nothing to lose.
See below for details.

I bought this information and started to contact the asset managers immediately.  I did find some resistance but persisted.  I finally got in touch with a friend of mine who had received a couple of Reo listings and was working on closing those assignments.  We came to an agreement about how to split the business generated by the contacts I brought to the table and started working on that.  We've closed on 17 listings in the last 8 months.

Joan Silvester, Center Realty, Scottsdale Arizona

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I had one REO client last year.  I had tried to find other asset managers to approach for the business, with no luck.  Doing bpo's helped me get my name out and did get me the contact that has given me 5 listings in the last year.  When I discovered this program, I thought it was just another bpo program.  I had already bought two of those, thinking I would get real contact information.  I bought it because of the money back guarantee.  I had already attended a couple of REOMAC events with no luck.  At this time I've added two more REO asset managers that I'm in contact with consistently.  I've done several bpo's for them and I have been assigned one listing.  
Nick Papadopoulos, Real Estate Solutions, Orlando Florida

Now that you've seen this, the ball is on your court.  

The Listings are going to be assigned.

It's just a matter of whether or not you're going to be in position, YOURSELF to receive them.  

There's an estimated 7 million properties in coming inventory that will be hitting the market nation wide.  
Will you be in position to take that business?

Position yourself at the top with other agent in the REO business.

Join the group of Elite agents, that will be making 90% of all the money

made in Real Estate in the next 2 years.

Order and start contacting Asset Managers

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What you get:

1. 70 Reo Asset Managers  
Free updates to your list.  We automatically           email you when an updated list is published.
3. Sample Resume, Sample completed                         INTERIOR BPO and Sample Zip code list.
4. Instant PDF download, no waiting for the mail.

The time to act is right this minute.  I know many who have asked me why I'm giving this valuable information out to the public?  My response to that is the same now as it was then.

"Because I don't like to see good Professional people leave the business,
because of unfairness in the market."

Don't get squeezed out of the business.

Get your copy now......

They've also asked me why I'm giving it out for such a low price.

Information that can potentially make you hundreds of thousand of dollars?

My answer has always been that,
I want as many as possible to take advantage of it.  
There's enough business for everyone.

ONLY the first 50 who buy it.
get it at this introductory price.

It will be going up to its original price 
after the first 50 are reached.

Order it today....

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Get a complimentary List of the
TOP 50 Asset Management companies.

Valued at $97


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To Your Success,

RJ Noel

Copyright RJ Noel 2011
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